Ewan Colsell - Chainsaw Attack!
Street performer, Circus performer, Profesional idiot.

Ewan arrives with his suitcase and show begins: a chainsaw, a giant unicycle and a stupid haircut are the tools of his trade. Ewan takes the audience on a journey into the outer realms of absurdity. risking life and limb to complete his mission: the complete and utter destruction of the tyranny of common sense.

fundamentaly i just have fun with the public and juggle with chainsaws.

 35-45 miniutes of mayhem, perfect for festivals, outdoor events, or anywhere with a mixed public and a big piazza.

Italian or English language.(also bad french and terrible german)

Like most sane organisers you are probably worried that the chainsaw is dangerous, just call me and i'll put your mind at ease. i've been performing this for years, and i 'd be crazy to take risks with my audience or with myself. i try to make it look as dangerous as possible though.

Technical Requirements:

The wonderful thing about a street show is that it can be performed almost anywhere in almost any circumstances,  since many festivals and events ask me for a list of technical requirements i'm happy to oblige:

Audio: for shows with a public of up to 250 spectators, in quiet places, i have my own portable battery powered sound system and radio microphone. for larger shows or more chaotic festivals the event must provide a suitable sound system.

Lighting: no special lighting is required, but if the place where i will perform is not adequately illuminated please let me know because i have my own small lighting system which i can bring to the festival.

Space and time: i like a big space with lots of people,  for the street a sensible minimum is a 8m x 8m performance space with plenty of space for the public.
normaly the show lasts from between 30-45 miniutes but i can do up to 1 hour or as little as 15 miniutes if required.

price:: it all depends on where, when and  the type of event, my prices are in line with the market.. call me for a straightforward chat.
i will normaly need a place to stay and travel expenses, but its all negotiable! i can provide invoice via an italian culturale associazione.

email: ewanuno@gmail.com
telephone: (+39) 3485223883

ewan motosega from ewan colsell on Vimeo.